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Team Around the Person (TAP)

What is "Team Around the Person"?

Team Around the Person (or TAP) is a new way of working with adults with support needs.  It involves listening to you to find out what support you need to stay living your life as you choose.


An action plan, agreed with your support network, is also put in place to make sure you get the right sort of help.


TAP is voluntary – you can choose to be involved.



How will TAP help me?

TAP exists to help support you. It can lead to a quick solution or help identify extra support if needed.


TAP will ensure that everyone involved with you – such as carers, support workers, family members and voluntary organisations – works together to support you.


TAP will help you receive the right support at an early stage before your needs increase. As TAP is a shared assessment you will not have to repeat the same story to different workers.




When and how is TAP used?


TAP can be used if you would like to receive extra support. It will help to identify your additional needs, and other workers required to support you.


How does TAP work?


A worker will ask you some questions to find out what help and support you might need. This information is recorded on a simple form. You agree what is put on the form, and you will be given a copy of it.



What happens next?

Based on the information you provide, all those who can help you will work together to provide the support you need. Only workers who need to know about you will share your information.


As a result of a TAP meeting a plan of action is agreed, you receive support, and this is reviewed when required.




Who is a lead person?

If a number of people are providing support to you, one of these people may be appointed as a ‘lead person’.


This person will keep you informed, listen to your views, and support you. They will also co-ordinate all the services supporting you.


You will have a say in who should be the lead person.




As a rule the information you provide will only be shared with your consent.


However there may be certain times when the people working with you need to share information.


For example:

when you are at risk of harm

to help prevent or detect a serious crime




Form downloads:

Team Around the Person referral form.

Pre-TAP form.

Step Down to TAP with consent form.

Social Care Step Down Process flowchart.

TAP Action Plan.

Referrals are now being taken, but please discuss with the TAP co-ordinator before completing.

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