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If you need help getting to a medical appointment, here are some Links to organisations who may be able to help.  

(Click on the links below)


Age UK Good Neighbour Scheme


Optio Car Scheme 


Also, if you need to attend an appointment at a mainland hospital, the following information may help:


Wessex Cancer Trust (patients only)


Wightlink Healthcare Discount Scheme


Red Funnel Healthcare Travel Scheme




People on low incomes or specified benefits may be able to reclaim some, or all of their travel costs: For more information please click here

Helpful Links

If you need to travel to the mainland for a hospital appointment and you're having difficulty sorting out your journey, please give us a call.  


While we can't provide transport for you, we can help you plan the best route for you using existing services as well as advising on how you might get a refund of your fares and the various travel discounts available.  We'd also be happy to help you plan your journeys around the Island.

Click on the document links below for more information.

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